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DickerBiz Limited was initially established in the USA in 2011, through the collaboration of International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, German Investment and Development Company (DEG), Kookmin Bank and Korean Development Leasing Corporation of South Korea. As the company evolved, the initial foreign shareholding of 49% was gradually withdrawn and the last foreign shareholding was bought out by local sponsors in 2012. Now we are in the United kingdom. Our Uk company house registration number is 10225827. Check The Company

WE continue to play a pioneering role in introducing and popularizing a variety of financial instruments suiting ever-changing requirements of our fast-growing clients. Various important steps towards financial reforms were initiated by the Government of USA to bring its economy in line with the global expansion of the free market and international trading in more than one decade. To streamline the financial sector, the government introduced the Financial Institutions Act 1993. As a result, a healthy and stable atmosphere has been created, allowing private sector finance companies to operate smoothly and profitably, in the emerging economy of United Kingdom.

Although we initially started with Lease Financing as our core product, DickerBiz Limited has grown to become the largest multi-product Non-Bank Financial Institution of United Kingdom with the almost equal focus in Corporate, Retail and SME sectors. Moreover, DickerBiz Limited has a significant presence in the Capital Markets.

Over the years, we have attained a significant presence in the corporate sector. DickerBiz Limited is highly respected by our clients, peers, employees and regulators for our strong corporate governance, statutory compliance, high ethical standards, a progressive and enabling working environment, and strong commitment to environmental and social development. We are continuously expanding our presence to ensure the best quality of service to our clients at all times.


To be a premier financial institution in the United Kingdom with a strong commitment to the development of the society and the national economy. We want to guide a new generation of money-conscious readers—one that oozes class loves having fun, and knows that life is exactly what you make of it (and not how much you make). We are here to share tips that will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence.


  High quality financial services with state of the art technology.
  Working closely with our clients.
 Maximizing return on equity
 Maintaining a high standard of professional ethics.
 Securing a sustainable growth strategy
 Our Core Objectives
 Grow and develop our talent pool
 Fully leverage new core banking platform
 Optimize distribution points
 Grow and diversify funding sources
 Grow sales and service capabilities in Consumer Division
 Aggressively grow SME portfolio
 Focus on top-tier clients in Corporate
 Consolidate capital market operations and enhance capabilities
 Embrace internationally accepted corporate governance and sustainable business practices

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